Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to your basic Sociale questions

Sociale is a wallet application for mobile devices - we call it the Sociale True Wallet. We help users who earn money get paid using fast, local and affordable payment services - all through a simple interface and with helpful service. The magic of Sociale is that we are not a financial services provider. We don't hold funds for our users, we don't offer an e-wallet and we don't charge high fees. We connect businesses who need to pay people with payment service providers who can send money - we are the technology that makes it fast, seemless and easy. Sociale provides the KYC, onboarding, wallet and mobile experience that many of these providers lack. Everything happens in one place. No need to have multiple apps for every place a user earns money or every service where they want to receive money. It all happens in the Sociale True Wallet.

Sociale is committed to making sure you receive your money without being dinged with monthly fees, transaction fees, exchange fees and service fees. We believe in transparent payments and report to you about any fees that your payouts encounter on the way to your account. Sociale chooses Payment Methods who offer fair pricing to their users, we avoid any partners with complex fee structures and confusing terms that end up with you receiving less money than you expect. Sociale charges a simple fee per transaction - and you will see it posted with each transaction for you to understand. We don't charge percentages because the service we provide is the same whether you are sending $100 or $1000. Each Payment Method we offer has its own fee structure based on the real costs associated with getting your funds to you - we also make those easy to read and understand in your transaction history. Please see our Fees table for more information.

We are here to help you. The Sociale team is available for live support 24/7 through our app in the Help section under Chat. You can reach out to us any time for assistance. Our live chat is also available through our website in the Chat bubble in the bottom-right corner. You can reach out to us and chat with a live agent. If an agent is unavailable, we'll get back to you quickly through the chat or through your email. You can also reach out to us any time at

Funding Sources

Help on connecting Sociale to the places you earn money

Sociale is working to add new funding sources, and will notify you in our newsletter as new ones become available. If you have suggestions for websites you would like to see added to Sociale, please contact us at

You can connect Sociale to any website that supports the Sociale True Wallet. To get started, make sure that you have installed the Sociale True Wallet app on your mobile device by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can find links to our apps on our website at Once installed, please complete our Onboarding process to set up the Sociale True Wallet. Once you have completed the setup process you can connect a Funding Source. To set up a Funding Source, please navigate to the Payouts section of the Funding Source you would like to receive payouts from - the name of this section and location may vary by partner. On this page, you will see a place to set up Sociale for payments. Please click on this and look for a button to connect your Sociale True Wallet. After clicking, a Link Account button, QR code and Passphrase will be revealed that you can scan with your Sociale True Wallet. Please follow these steps. Desktop: Please navigate to the website of the Funding Source you want to connect, and make sure you can see the connection options. Open your Sociale True Wallet app Click the Funding Sources in the bottom-left of the screen Select whether to connect using QR Code or Passphrase. Both work! For QR Codes, your camera will now activate. Point your phone at the QR code and it will automatically configure the Sociale True Wallet to connect to your account. For Passphrase, you will see the Passphrase on the website of the Funding Source you are connecting. Please type it into the Sociale True Wallet app. A screen will appear revealing your Funding Source username. If it is correct, click Submit to confirm the connection. Mobile Please navigate to the website of the Funding Source you want to connect, and make sure you can see the connection options. Click the Link Account button on the Funding Source website. This will automatically open your Sociale True Wallet app (you may have to click a dialogue box confirming you would like to redirect to the Sociale True Wallet app). A screen will appear revealing your Funding Source username. If it is correct, clikc Submit to confirm the connection. You should now have successfully connected your Sociale True Wallet app to your Funding Source. You are now ready to receive payments!

First, please make sure you have followed the instructions to connect the Funding Source to your Sociale True Wallet, and that you have set up a Payment Method within Sociale to receive funds to. Once connected, you can receive payments by visiting the Request Payment section of your desired Funding Source. This may vary by Funding Source. Once there, please ensure that Sociale is marked as your default Payment Method - this is critical to ensure your funds are directed to your Sociale True Wallet. Once set as default, please follow the normal method at your Funding Source to receive a payment. You should enter the amount you wish to be paid and initiate the transfer. Within 1 business day Sociale will receive your transfer request, and we will route it to the Payment Method you have configured as default in the Sociale True Wallet app. You will see the transaction in your Wallet screen and can track the status of that transaction by clicking on it to see details. For help with individual transactions, please contact our support team at

To disconnect a Funding Source that you no longer wish to use with Sociale, please follow these steps. Open the Sociale True Wallet app Click the Funding Sources icon in the bottom left menu Click the icon of the Funding Source you wish to disconnect On the next screen, click the Disconnect button at the bottom of the screen On the next screen, you will be asked if you want to confirm the disconnection, please click Confirm Once disconnected, you will no longer see the Funding Source in your Sociale True Wallet app. If you'd like to reconnect it, please follow the instructions in the How do I connect Sociale to a Funding Source article.

Payment Methods

Help on connecting your Sociale wallet to your bank account

Sociale currently supports different payment methods depending on the country you reside in. Latin America Domestic Bank Transfer Nequi Wallet Daviplata Countries Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Dominican Republic Mexico Panama Peru Uruguay

To set up Sociale to send payments to your Bank Account, please use the Bank Transfer option in the Payment Methods section. Please ensure that you have completed our simple identification process first before attempting to receive a payment to your bank account. To do this, please follow these steps: Please open the Sociale True Wallet app Visit the Payment Methods section in the bottom right menu Click the Bank Transfer card in the list of Payment Methods Click the green Add Bank Account button on the Bank Transfer screen Complete the Bank Transfer setup form by entering the following details Bank Name Bank Code Branch Name City Province Account Number Account Type Click the green Save Details button Once connected, you can now receive payments to your bank account by requesting a transaction from your connected Funding Sources.

If your bank account details change, you can easily edit them through our Payment Methods section. Please follow these steps: Please open the Sociale True Wallet app Navigate to the Payment Methods screen from the bottom-right menu Click the Bank Transfer option that you have previously set up Click the green Edit Details button on the Bank Transfer details screen Edit the details for your bank as needed Click the green Save Details button If you have further questions, please contact

You can check the status of your payment at any time by visiting your transaction history in your Wallet. Please open the Sociale True Wallet app Navigate to your Wallet screen Browse through your transactions to find the payment you want to track Click the transaction to see the transaction details View the current status of the transaction If you have further questions, please contact

Sometimes payments do fail, often because the transfer information is incorrect. Sociale will do everything we can to prevent this by helping you enter your payment details correctly, but mistakes do happen. If your payment fails, you will be notified instantly through the Sociale True Wallet app, and you can view the status of your failed transaction through the Wallet. When transactions fail, there is no need to worry about your money - the money stays with the Funding Source where you initially held it. Sociale notifies Funding Sources on transaction failures so that the money stays where it was, and you can request a transfer again. For more information, please contact


Help on using your Sociale True Wallet

Your Sociale True Wallet is used to receive payments from participating partners called Funding Sources and to direct those payments to one of the many Payment Methods supported by Sociale. Connecting a Funding Source is easy, one you have securely added one to your Sociale True Wallet, you can request funds to Sociale. To receive your funds, you'll need to connect a Payment Method. We offer methods such as Bank Transfers that you can set up from our Payment Methods section. Once set up, transactions are instantaneous. Funds you request from a Funding Source will instantly be sent to your Payment Method directly - no need for any delays, manual approvals or confirmations! You can see the status of money coming in from Funding Sources and money going out to Payment methods from your Sociale True Wallet. The magic of your True Wallet is that you can have as many Funding Sources as you like, all sending money quickly and easily to your Payment Method of choice, and you can change your Payment Method at any time! Also set up and account approvals happen only once - with your Sociale True Wallet there is no need to set up your Payment Methods over and over at every website where you earn money - just scan your favorite Funding Sources and get paid instantly.

Your Sociale True Wallet will feature a column for each Funding Source and Payment Method you add to your account. Each Card includes a transaction history of money you sent or money you received. If you don't see any Cards in your Wallet, you can follow our simple instructions on how to add Funding Sources and Payment Methods to your Sociale True Wallet. For more information please contact


Helpful tips on how to set up your Sociale account.

Sociale requires a basic set of documents to verify your identity before enabling your Sociale True Wallet. This information is required by financial servers to create trust - this process is often known as KYC or Know Your Customer. It keeps everyone safe and avoids money laundering and misuse. To complete identification, you must supply the following: Your address Your phone number A photo of your ID (front and back) A photo of a recent bank statement or utility bill with your address on it A selfie of your face Our identification process is fast and simple - all done through the Sociale True Wallet app. We will approve your information quickly and let you know if anything needs adjusting.


Information for partners of Sociale

Sociale is always looking for new Payment Service Providers to assist in paying our users. If you run a Payment Server and would like to be added to Sociale, please reach out to us at Sociale gives you access to a large network of customers that want to be paid in their local country. We are looking for fast payment services with low fees and great customer service.

We are happy to welcome new partners to Sociale as Funding Sources. We can help you pay your users by giving them access to our suite of Payment Methods - all with one simple single integration. We can also help with your KYC, AML and Identification needs because all Sociale users are verified. Contact us to find out how to deliver fast, simple payout services to your users at