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How Sociale Works

We created the Sociale True Wallet to help you simplify the way you access and spend your money.


Gives you the power over how you access the money you earn online


You deserve a clear breakdown of every transaction


Our beautiful mobile wallet features a no-hassle fast and simple setup

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Our Users Love Us

Sociale is helping real people use our true wallet application to control the money they earn online.

You made it so simple. I got my Sociale wallet set up quickly and was already approved within an hour of installing the app!
Amanda Lee
I used to get charged hidden fees. I was happy to see that Sociale showed me the complete details of all my transactions.
Carlos Rodriguez
I check my Sociale wallet every single day. I like to see how much money I am earning online and control it how I see fit.
Maria Ludanova

Find out How to Use Sociale to Simplify Payouts

Online marketplaces and affiliate networks can contact us about helping your users connect to the Sociale wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried hard to make Sociale easy to use and quick to learn, but that doesn't mean our users don't have good questions to ask!

No, you can decide to instead set up local bank transfer and receive your funds that way.

No, Sociale can only be used to receive funds for the primary cardholder who successfully completes identify verification.

No, Sociale does not charge transaction fees or maintenance fees on your account.

No. Sociale works with payment service companies to give our customers prepaid debit cards or to set up money transfers.

We are proud to offer an EUR payments card as well as local bank transfer in 20+ countries.

The Sociale card is delivered within 14 business days worldwide, often more quickly depending on your location.

When using the Sociale prepaid card, you will only pay fees when you either withdraw cash from an ATM or if you convert your currency into another currency.

No. Sociale does not create bank accounts or hold funds on behalf of our customers. Sociale will either direct funds to your existing bank account or help you set up a prepaid debit card to receive funds.

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We update the Sociale wallet application regularly to make improvements and add new features.

For a list of recent changes and improvements, please check out our blog.


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